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Xtreme M-7 Handheld Metal Detector
The M-7 handheld metal detector is a perfect partner for use with the XT-8000 portable walk through system or as a stand alone personal search and detection device. Xtreme Research Corporation offers the following product for school security, airport security, etc. Only $239.95 each
  The M-7 is simple to operate and is essential for searching backpacks, handbags, luggage and lockers. No specialized training or experience is required to operate the M-7 detector.
The M-7 is a compact wand type metal detector that can be worn on the belt and weighs just 12 ounces. An optional ballistic nylon belt holster is available along with an earplug which allows silent operation of the M-7.
In addition to security applications the M-7 can be used for recreational metal detecting and treasure hunting.
The M-7 handheld metal detector is the same detector in use all over the world where security requirements demand a handheld metal detector with optimum performance.
This unit has a large area of detection, which improves personnel processing.
Power: Single 9 volt battery (not included) with battery level indicator.
Alert Modes: Large visual LED target indicator, audio alert, plus optional earplug for silent operation.
Weight: 12 ounces.
Sensitivity: Adjustable.
Warranty: One year limited warranty.
Model Number: M7MD.

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