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Judging the danger of lightning used to be a matter of guesswork. Now with SkyScan, it's just a matter of pushing a button. SkyScan is a hand-held instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning as far as 40 miles away and accurately ranges its approach to allow plenty of time to clear the field, leave the camp grounds, or sail back to shore.

SkyScan Features:

ACCURACY: Patented dual antenna technology, state-of-the-art electronics, and a full digital microprocessor insures accuracy and reliability.

POWER: SkyScan can powered by two 9V batteries, or a 120V A/C adapter. Unit has AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF after five hours of continuous operation for extended battery life.

RANGE SELECT: Allows user to choose range at which detected lightning strokes will sound audible warning tone.

TONE ON/OFF: Permits user to turn of/off the audible tone, permitting situations where a distinctive audible warning alarm would be intrusive.

STORM DISTANCE: Indicates range of detected lightning strokes by lightning high-intensity LEDs and sounding of audible alarm. One LED will light for a lightning strike 20-40 miles away, two for a lightning strike 8-20 miles away, three for a lightning strike 3-8 miles away (highly dangerous situation), and all four for a lightning strike within three miles.

BATTERY SAVE: Allows user to extend battery life. This mode deactivates ALL LEDs, except BATTERY SAVE. SkyScan still provides audible warning of lightning strikes, while extending battery life from 40-50 hours to as much as 75+ hours.

LOW BATTERY: Lights when SkyScan has approximately five hours of operational life remaining in the batteries.

SEVERE STORM WARNING: Alerts user of especially strong thunderstorms or squall lines, which might produce especially strong winds, heavy rains or even tornadoes. SkyScan will sound a continuous alarm for fifteen seconds and lights the SEVERE STORM WARNING LED for a minimum of fifteen minutes. The unit will repeat the process every fifteen minutes until the severe weather activity has cleared.

AUTOMATIC FALSE TRIGGER ALERT: Continuous cycling of all LEDs through start-up routine occurs whenever SkyScan detects background noise levels (such as TVs, computer displays, or other appliances) high enough to interfere with the accurate detection and ranging of lightning activity.

SKYSCAN CASE: SkyScan electronics are protected by a rugged, weather-resistant plastic case, permitting use in any typical outdoor application.

DIMENSIONS: SkyScan dimensions are 6.5"H x 3.1"W x 1.5"D. Weight is 10.8 oz. without batteries.

Tuck SkyScan into your...Duffel Bag...Tackle Box...Soccer Bag...Sea Bag...KnapSack...Golf Bag...Saddle Bag...Picnic Basket.

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